SQL Server 2005 Tidbit 004


Another one!  Number four…

This tidbit comes as a result of a question an attendee from one of our live TechNet Events emailed me.

"We have a multiserver environment with one master server and twenty-four instances of SQL Server as target servers.  Will multiserver work in a multi-versioned environment?  In other words, if I upgrade the master server to Yukon, will it still be able to download instructions, etc., to the target servers if they are running SQL Server 2000?  If one of the target servers is upgraded to Yukon, will the master server running SQL Server 2000 choke?”

It's important to upgrade whatever server you're using as the central distributor first.   That's where the services run.  Once that's done, though, it doesn't matter which of the others you upgrade next.  2000 publishers can talk to 2005 subscribers, and vice versa.

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