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Got IE? Of course you do...

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I saw a link recently to a spoof/parody site (domain and all) called “”.  It even looks and links into the Microsoft site in various ways. 

Cute.  Funny.  Somewhat malicious.

Some of it is outdated (IE does support tabbed browsing now), but if you take it with a grain of salt, it’s definitely worth a good chuckle.

It’s unfortunate that there are still some who see Microsoft this way. 

What do you think? 

  • I think that Microsoft has done a fantastic job of integrating front and back office, for that I am grateful. However, there are some things that others are doing and coming to market with faster and better, then Microsoft emulates it, gives it away for free, then starts charging. That deal, I'm tired of.

    I use Firefox as my browser (unless asp's are being used) because I like the tabbed browsing and I'm tired of downloading patches and plugins here and there. I don't want a new toolbar, I want it to work right out of the box. Although I must admit IE 6 is much better than previous versions, it seems to be catching up.

    All that being said, Microsoft has made my job a lot easier and I have had to stop blasting them at every turn. I now live and serve humbly at the feet and whim of the almighty. ;-)

  • Got Firefox here. No insult meant to Microsoft, I make my living supporting your stuff. Most of it's pretty good, and Microsoft always gets it right eventually.

    That said, IE got stale. I switched over to IE on version 3.02. It was the fastest browser on the market, and being FREE certainly didn't hurt anything. Version 4 was good, and version 5 was better, and I was totally happy with version 6. I tried Mozilla, just for kicks, but it was way too slow for me to use.

    And then Microsoft stopped. IE grew stale. Other browsers started implementing new features, and IE stayed stuck in the past. Pop-ups were the big issue that started me toward other browsers. Yes, I know that IE has an integrated pop-up blocker now, but how long did that take? Tabbed browsing was another cool feature that IE still doesn't have. (No, installing the MSN toolbar doesn't count. Build it into the actual browser, please!)

    Even still, I never found a browser as fast as IE ... until Firefox. In my experience, Firefox offers the same speedy experience that I have always gotten from IE. In addition, Firefox offers all of the basic features that I like and a HORDE of extensions that let me customize my experience. IE 7 might bring me back into the fold, but I'm a Firefox junkie for now.

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