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At work on a new IT Pro Community / Events Site

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Have you been to yet?

(What about now, after you clicked that link?)

What would you think about having a place like that to go to year-round, where you could view or subscribe to IT Pro-related event-news from Microsft, as well as blog postings from others in the IT Pro community?

Well, I’m part of a team of people working on a site just like that, where IT Pros, Partners, MVPs, and Microsoft Presenters will be able to submit blog feeds, and can get targeted, “Just-what-I-want-to-know” news from the community. 

Our goal is to have the site up and running by TechEd, so we’re on a tight schedule.  But we’re on track!  In fact, check out this outline of categories we’ve created to describe the heirarchy of topics you can use.  And if you look it over and have questions or comments, PLEASE enter your feedback below.

How does that strike you? 

  • Hey - sounds cool! This could work well if there's a lot of take up, and you get the right people to contribute content...

    Just two thoughts, though (feel free to ignore/dismiss :o)

    First, is there not going to be quite a lot of overlap between this new site and - which pretty much covers the technical blogging (although I realise the existing TechNet feed is for MS staff only)...

    Secondly, in terms of the outline of categories you've got, it'd be great if you could create one for SBS - it's got a large and vibrant community out there... :o)

    Good luck in getting this launched, and I'm looking forward to seeing it!

  • I think this looks great. I would love to help in any way possible. The outline is quite comprehensive and is definitely a good start. I think communities like this that merge "official" MS resources to partners to it pros is a very good thing!

  • Looks a great idea. Would be great if you could add events in other countries too (I am in the UK).

  • Thanks for the great feedback so far. Yeah, we're excited about this. I'm going to make sure that we do cover SBS soon. An important, very cool point is that just because a particular topic isn't covered specifically doesn't mean you won't find it. In the case of SBS, watching the Windows Server category would also include SBS posts. But yes, if you want only specific content, SBS is definitely one we should add.

    As for whether or not UK events will be supported, that remains to be seen. There's no reason why ANY IT Pro can't contribute and benefit.. but initially as far as event news goes it will be US only. I can see, though, where if this succeeds as a community vehicle like we hope it will, that we'll probably add events for other locales.

    Keep the comments and suggestions coming!

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