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Politics aside, I think this is good.

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He did, afterall, invent the Internet.

Gore to receive Internet lifetime achievement award

Seriously – I had started using E-mail, FTP, NNTP, and even Gopher (from my school!) several years earlier, but I remember that the first time I ever used HTTP, after downloading an early version of a browser; the first page I ever “surfed” was a sample page that actually contained Al Gore’s picture.

What was that browser called?  NCSA something… And I can’t even remember the guy’s name who built it and then went to Netscape.  Someone help me out here.  I’m only 41 and I’m having a “senior moment”…

  • NCSA Mosaic. Still got a copy of that at work. We were one of the first two web sites in the US.

    I believe it was Marc Andreessen who left UofI to go to Netscape.

    You forgot the smiley :-)

  • Yes! Mosaic! I knew it was something that started with an M, but not Mozilla. (oh heavens no.)

    <chuckle> Here's your smiley. :)

  • Remember the time before Google? Archie? Veronica?

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