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Very Cool FREE Online Training on ISA Server 2004

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Saw this in the “Windows Platform News” email today…
Get hands-on experience with the new Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 Interactive Training. You will have the chance to actively test-drive the new ISA Server 2004 user interface as you navigate a series of simple tasks.
I walked through the first part of it.  Very easy to do and very slick.  If you have a spare hour, and you want a really solid introduction on ISA Server 2004, I highly recommend this training.
  • I'll try back later and see if passport will let me sign in. Looks like a good resource but passport keeps giving me an unknown error and won't let me sign in

  • I initially had problems with the popup blocker getting in the way, but after I disabled that it worked fine. I wonder if you're hitting some limit in how many people can run that training at one time. Keep trying!