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Do UK workers lie more than other workers?

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This TechNewsWorld article really blew me away.  I had no idea that the British were such dishonest folks! 

…I’m kidding of course.  I knew it all along.

Okay.. all kidding aside.  I’m curious to hear from my UK colleagues Eileen, Mat, Michael, and Stephen have to say about this.  Is this really a big issue for businesses in the UK?  Does this kind of information “filtering” really happen more there than it does anywhere else?

And what about Canada, for cryin’ out loud?….


  • Hmmm...
    "According to research to be released this week by Microsoft, almost two-thirds of British workers admit to "blagging" to colleagues, a term Microsoft uses as a euphemism for old-fashioned lying."

    Blagging or "showing off a bit" is something that we Brits are excellent at. We blag about how good we are at cricket, football (soccer) and how much our houses are worth. We may "embroider" the truth a little to get us better jobs and blag a bit about out abilities" to ensnare a hot date.
    Doesn't everyone blag a little? Just how big was that fish you caught? How far did you drive that golf ball? Really? Oh yeah!
    That's blagging!

  • Oh sure.. "blag" = "white lie" or "stretching the truth a bit"? But what about, as this article suggests, blagging to your boss or to the company (or to *gasp* your customers!) in areas just to C.Y.A.? (CYA = Cover Your A**) Are we suggesting that it happens more in the UK than elsewhere?

  • The article makes valid points - it's a shame that the closing paragraphs make it sound like an advertisement rather than a news article.

  • A very interesting article which I must say in all honest I agree with! However that said, I thought this was just the norm in any company across the globe?