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Webcast Series HOMEWORK - Week 5 (Disk Management)

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Windows Server Administration Webcast Series
Homework Assignment #5


  • Go to my blog , click on the category “TechNet Webcasts”, and view the “Resource Page” for part 5 of 12 of this series.  I’ve included several links relating to this topic, so take a look through those resources.  I really want this to be the vehicle we use to share information and open up discussions.
  • I am also posting the homework here now (duh!) as well as an edited “best of” Q&A summary for each week’s webcast.

2.  Windows Server 2003 Online Documentation – Disk Management Chapters

Go through this for additional details on Disk Management. 

**Extra Credit**
Share something new you learned there and how you’ll use it.  Click the feedback link for this post and share it with the rest of the world!