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It's Official: Co-Existence and Migration tools for GroupWise 6.5.x now supported

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It's Official: Exchange Server 2003 Co-Existence and Migration tools for GroupWise 6.5.x now supported


Exchange Server 2003 offers co-existence and migration tools for customers interested in migrating from Novell GroupWise, Lotus Notes, and other products.  Today Microsoft announced that we will support customers who are on GroupWise 6.5.x and are interested in moving to Exchange Server 2003.

“What’s changed?”

Nothing other than the fact that we’ve finally completed testing the toolset that is already included on the Exchange Server 2003 CD – along with Exchange 2003 SP1, and can officially support the tools with GroupWise 6.5.x.  Previously we only supported GroupWise 5.x and 4.1.x.

Check out KB# 329041 for the details.

Also see this Co-Existence and Migration FAQ.


  • Quote: "“What’s changed?”


    Did you know (from my experience as a Technical Support Engineer, that is the most common answer to the question "What's Changed?"?


  • Absolutely. And it's in response to the question that you as a Technical Support Engineer typically lead-off with. :)

  • Why would one want to migrate off Novell GroupWise to go to Exchange in the first place? GroupWise is much safer and easier to use and administrate than Exchange. It runs on Linux, Windows, NetWare and OES as back-end platforms and has clients for WIndows, MAC and Linux, Pocket PC and Palms. I would stick with GroupWise.

  • It's a fair question, and you're certainly entitled to your opinion. I'd certainly like to hear examples of why you feel it's safer, simpler, easier to use, etc. And in my opinion, being able to run something on Linux does NOT mean "it's a good thing" to me. (intentional nod to Martha S.) As for back-end platforms, you'll find that Exchange supports all of those you've mentioned and more. So... I would move to Exchange. :)