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Buggy Keyboard

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From the “OOOoops!” department..

Buggy Keyboard

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This apparently is a new wireless multimedia keyboard.  See if you can spot the problem…


  • Seems to have its own case of ED (exponential dysfunction).

  • I guess you won't be using the '^' very much with this keyboard ;)

  • No one really ever uses that character anyway. :)

  • Now we can *never* use exponentiation in basic...

  • there is two & symbols on both the 6 and 7 key where should only be one on the 7 key

  • where is the car(r)ot?

  • No ALT GR on the right side. Its not ALT its ALT GR

  • Not the keyboard to have if you are a smalltalk developer...

  • Hey, I could write the answer here for the 6th time! Or I could just chuckle.

  • Chuckle away!
    Actually.. I really think the problem is that the FLIPPIN' KEYBOARD IS BENT!

    What's up with that?!

  • I won't repeat.

    But, if you're like me, you won't miss the ^ at all: I type without looking at the keyboard. So, I will be happy using one if you gave it to me ;-)

  • Re: Alt vs Alt Gr -- depends on what locale the keyboard is being sold in. US keyboards have Alt.

  • Sheesh, just because the ^ isn't printed on the 6 key doesn't mean shift+6 won't produce it!

    Reminds me of the rocket scientist who couldn't understand why changing the name of an Access query wouldn't produce a different result.

  • True enough. But simply the fact that the key labling is wrong suggests that neither rocket scientists nor brain surgeons had anything to do with the creation of this keyboard.

  • I have that keyboard and I'm seeing lots of things missing. Printed on the side of the key facing the user:

    U: *Undrln
    I: *Italic
    X: *Cut
    C: *Copy
    V: *Paste
    B: *Bold