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"Stay where y're at! I'll come where y're to!"

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“Stay where y’re at!  I’ll come where y’re to!”
(paraphrase of a subject line from Canadian counterpart
Rick Claus’ blog.)

“So, Where is Kevin doing live TechNet Events next?”

This coming week is is another travelin’ TechNet Briefings week for me.  I’ll be doing live events in Bloomington and Indianapolis, Indiana!

March 1 – Bloomington, IN
Indiana Memorial Union
900 E. 7th Street
Bloomington, IN  47405
Phone: 812-856-6381
Venue URL: Link to WebSite

March 3 – Indianapolis, IN
Theater- AMC Clearwater Crossing 12
4016 East 82nd St
Indianapolis, IN  46250-1620
Phone: 317-595-6230
Venue URL: Link to WebSite

Click on the date above to go directly to the registration page.

This quarter we’re talking all about migration:

  • Migrating your NT 4.0 Directory Services to Active Directory
  • Migrating NT 4.0 LOB (Line of Business) Applications
  • Migrating Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003

You may also want to download a copy of the session resource pages that I’ve compiled.  Here’s the blog entry that contains that link.

Stop by and learn some cool stuff!  Win some prizes!  We also have some of the best giveaways and prize-drawing we’ve had in a LONG time.  (Hey.. we’re giving away a copy of an MS Learning book – Windows 2003 Active Directory Technical Referenceto all attendees!)  Or just stop by to say ‘hi’.

See you there! 


PS – If you have any questions about the content, feel free to click the feedback link below and ask.

  • Why do you people only give live sessions in the US or the UK? Why don't we get a chance to meet you ? I have the feeling all real techies stay away from the Netherlands... :-)

  • Luc,

    Have you met Tony Krijnen yet?

    He's an IT Pro Evangelist there in the Netherlands, and may be doing live events in and around your area. Check out his blog at


  • Will talk with Tony. Still people like you, John Howard, Adi Oltean are people whom can teach us.
    And to be honest, the level of knowledge at MS in the Netherlands is not as high as in the US. I had calls running in which I told the MS support guy what the solution was. Fact, this only happened with support in the Netherlands, never with US or UK people. They were too good :-) Still thx for making some time to send me an answer. Luc.