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Webcast Series HOMEWORK - Week 3

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Homework Assignment #3


  • Go to my blog , click on the category “TechNet Webcasts”, and view the “Resource Page” for part 3 of 12 of this series.  I’ve included several links relating to this topic, so take a look through those resources.  I really want this to be the vehicle we use to share information and open up discussions.
  • I am also posting the homework here now (duh!) as well as a Q&A “best of” summary from each week’s webcast.

2.  Windows Server 2003 Virtual Lab: Group Policy

Since we’ve been talking a lot about Group Policy, I thought you might like to learn more about it to help you keep up with some of what we’re discussing.

  • On that Virtual Lab homepage, click on the Windows Server 2003 section.
  • Then click on the “Step into the Windows Server 2003 Virtual Lab for Free”
  • It might take a minute for this page to come up, depending on how busy the demoservers are.  (You will have better luck getting onto these in the early morning or late evening, US-time.) 
  • Follow the signup/logon instructions, and choose the “Introduction to Group Policy” lab.

Another learning option for you is to watch a previously recorded webcast or two on Group Policy.  In fact, we have a level 300 set of webcasts in 2 parts that cover Group Policy in excruciating detail. 

(Note: Part 2 was just recorded today, Feb 23, so the recording may not be available until Friday, 2/25.)


  • Vlabs are getting better as I begin to understand and "slow" down to get the concepts applied. Found this lab to be really cool, but it would have been a little better if I could have the lab manual on one side of the page without have to go back and forth to understand the purpose of the lab itself. this has renewed my desire to continue working with vlabs.

  • Yeah.. the lab manual is crucial, of course. I personally find it easiest to just print it out (draft mode to save ink, and double-sided to save a tree!) and have the notes next to me as I'm working through them.

    Glad you're finding these useful!