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Download the TechNet Webcast Calendar!

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This is cool!

Click this link to download the TechNet Webcast Calendar for February!  It’s a Microsoft Word document that is just loaded with links to great resources and the launch pages for all of the scheduled TechNet Webcasts.  Outstanding!


  • Sorry I missed the live webcast.

    I just replayed it this AM, little basic but helpful. I'm really looking forward to this series.

    During the replay, you can't save the presentation to a pdf. Is there anyway I could obtain the pdf of W03S Admin Part 1?

    Good job and thanks.
    Leonard Cino

  • Leonard,

    I believe when you register for the On-Demand webcast (, an email will be sent to you with links to where you can download presentation as well as a .wmv file of the recorded webcast.