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Windows Server 2003 Administration Webcast Series Starts WEDNESDAY!

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Lead by yours-truly…


And even more importantly – my teammates will be online answering Q&A during these.

  • I'm attending too. Only I live in the Netherlands. Is it later or earlier at your side?

  • You will be watching us later in the evening your time. We're GMT -8, and you're probably GMT + 1. So if it's 1:00pm here it's going to be 10:00pm your time.

    Very glad to have you attend!

  • Thanks Kevin. Stupid me didn't have a look at the World Clock on the Internet.

  • Linked your blog. I like the content and your way of writing things.

  • Can I use your postal address for reguistering and then if I win the Portable Media Centre, you could post it to me here in New Zealand ;-)

    Great seminar btw.

  • Thanks Bart! Sorry... I'd probably just keep that Portable Media "Center" (sp?) <heh>