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  • Finally... a blahhg.

    Blog?  Blaahhg?  Blawg?  Balongna?

    Exciting, eh?  I write stuff here.  You read it.  And somehow you're enriched by this experience. least I hope so.

    Quick word of introduction here might be in order, I guess.  As you see, my name is Kevin Remde, and I'm a Microsoft employee of just over a year now.  My role is one of "IT Pro Evangelist", working to bring the good news of great Microsoft Information Technologies to the masses of tired, overworked and under-appreciated IT folks. 

    I was one myself once.  It seems like only yesterday I was "the man"... the one whom was emailed (or called, if the problem WAS email) when there was something wrong.  Day or night... anytime.  I was in charge of a great bunch of IT workers.  I was their manager, friend, and a fellow worker myself, who never took the full-time manager role, but prefered to roll my sleeves up and do the tough technical stuff myself.  (Probably really wasn't that good a manager in that regard.  Delegation wasn't something I was good at, admittedly.)

    So now after being relieved of that role (and believe me, it WAS a relief!  More than I thought possible at the time.) I'm enjoying thoroughly being able to travel and see hundreds of people like me; IT Pros with burdens of responsibility and full of questions... and I LOVE being the one with answers for them!  And not only do I do live TechNet Briefings, but I'm a big fan of doing webcasts as well. 

    So... I hope this was a sufficient introduction.  I need to get some sleep.  Gonna finish up an expense report, and then finish packing for my trip to Illinois this week.  Maybe I'll see you in Springfield (actually Decatur) on Tuesday or Chicago (actually Chicago) on Thursday.



  • Home again - more study study study

    Blahhg Entry #2.  Too few. 

    I received some really exciting news a few days ago... Two of the webcasts I've presented over the past several months have made it into the first (and now monthly list of) Top 10 rated Microsoft webcasts!  What a nice surprise!  I guess it proves that I'm MUCH better over the phone than I am in person. :)

    But now I'm home again, after a week in Illinois doing TechNet briefings, and a fun-filled-wet-weekend with my family at an area water-park / resort.  (I wonder if my skin will ever stop itching.  Seriously, though.. we all had a blast.)  But now it's back to work.

    One of my projects for the week, other than backing up several TechNet Webcasts, are to re-create my XP SP2 presentation that I did for the NW Chapter of the AITP into one that I can deliver to the Chicago chapter of that same organization.  I've been told that this chapter has  alot of CxO level attendees, so they'll be more interested in the dumbed-down version.. (JUST KIDDING!!!)  Actually, and rightly-so, they'll be more interested in the big-picture rather than the low-level techie-stuff... more, "This is the reasons we did this and why you should make it a priority." rather than "Here's how the detection of when you're on the LAN and will therefore have the Domain Firewall Policy applied rather than the Standard policy."

    The other project, and even more pressing, is my new role as one of the presenters for the "IT Security Solutions Roadshow".  I'm presenting the sessions in Minneapolis and Chicago; doing the one-hour topic: "Defense in Depth Against Malicious Software".  So, in addition to learning the selected content and demos, I have to refresh my brain and study-up on the topic.  Bought a highly-recommended book on the subject, too. 

    And on a non-work-related note... this week is the only week I will be around to rehearse for my band's next gig.  Yes... I'm in a band.  It's a neighborhood band, actually.  I sing and play light-percussion (read: Cowbell) for a band called "Unbridled" (from the fact that we all live in a neighborhood development named "Bridlewood Farms").  We got together a few years ago to play a few songs for our guitar player at his birthday party, and since then we've been asked to play at several parties and even some school fundraisers... and we've been increasing our selection of 60's-90's cover tunes... stuff that all of us 40-year-olds in this neighborhood know.  Our next gig is November 6th at the Hamel VFW for a neighborhood party / fundraiser for the Wayzata School District music programs.  (Email me here if you want a ticket.  $20 for a good cause.)