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OpsMgr: MP Update: New Base OS MP 6.0.7026.0

OpsMgr: MP Update: New Base OS MP 6.0.7026.0

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A new Base OS MP Version 6.0.7026.0 has shipped.  This management pack includes updated MP’s for Windows 2003 through Windows 2012 operating systems.  This updated MP will import into OpsMgr 2007 or 2012 management groups.





Ok – so what's new in this MP?


The April 2013 update (version 6.0.7026.0) of the Windows Server Operating System Management Pack contains the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug in where the performance information for Processor was not getting collected.
  • Made monitoring of Cluster Shared Volume consistent with monitoring of Logical Disks by adding performance collection rules. (“Cluster Shared Volume - Free space / MB”,”Cluster Shared Volume - Total size / MB”,”Cluster Shared Volume - Free space / %”,”Cluster Disk - Total size / MB”,”Cluster Disk - Free space / MB”,”Cluster Disk - Free space / %”)
  • Fixed bug in where the Cluster disks running on Windows Server 2008 (non R2) were not discovered.
  • Fixed bug 'Cluster Disk Free Space Percent' and Cluster Disk Free Space MB' monitors generate alerts with bad descriptions when the volume label of a cluster disk is empty.
  • Added feature to raise event when NTLM requests time out and customers are unable to use mailboxes, outlook stops responding, due to the low default value for Max Concurrent API registry Key (HLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Netlogon\Parameters) , which is a ceiling for the maximum NTLM or Kerberos PAC password validations a server can take care of at a time. It uses the “Netlogon” performance counter to check for the issue.


These fixes address the majority of known issues discussed in my last article on the Base OS MP:


A note on Processor utilization monitoring and collection:

Distinct rules and monitors were created for Windows Server 2008, and 2008 R2.  Server 2008 will monitor and collect “Processor\% Processor Time” while Server 2008 R2 will monitor and collect “Processor Information\% Processor Time”.  Overrides were included in the MP to disable the “2008” rules and monitors for the 2008 R2 instances.  If for some reason you prefer to collect and monitor "from “Processor” instead of “Processor Information”, for instance if this breaks some of your existing reports, it is very simple to just override those rules and monitors back to enabled.  An unsealed override will always trump a sealed override.




Known Issues in this MP:

1.  The knowledge for the 2008 and 2008 R2 Total CPU Utilization Percentage is incorrect – the monitor was updated to a default value of 3 samples but the knowledge still reflects 5 samples.  This is still an issue (no biggie)  The 2012 monitors use 5 samples by default with correct knowledge.

2.  There are now collection rules for Cluster disks and CSV for free space (MB), free space (%), and total size (MB),  If you want performance reports on other perfmon objects that are available in perfmon but not included in our MP, such as disk latency, idle time, etc., you will need to create these.  Since this can be complicated to get it right – I wrote an article on how to do this correctly, and offer a sample MP for download:

3.  The new monitor for Max Concurrent API has some issues and will generate a false alert in some cases.  If you have servers where this is happening – disable this monitor and it will be addressed in the next release of the MP.

  • Hi Kevin,

    We have OpsMgr 2007 R2 running on Windows Server 2003 SP2 on Operation DB with SQL 2005. Can we still import this MP for this environment? I see no support for SQL Server 2005 for the reports mp for this version.

    Plz advise.


    Sunil Kumar S

  • Hey Kevin. Re: 2008 R2 will monitor and collect “Processor Information\% Processor Time, after importing the new MP it seems that data collected by the old rule is converted to Processor and only new data collected is as Processor Information. Have you seen this behavior. Thanks and congrats on going back to PFE. -Saul G.

  • Hey Saul! I am not sure exactly what the question is? We shouldn't do anything with old data. There are simply two rules, one for Processor and one for Processor Information. One targets "Windows 2008 OS" class and the other targets "Windows 2008 R2 OS" class. The same holds true for monitors. There should be no "conversion" of any previous data.

  • Hi Kevin, we are using the newer version of this management pack: 6.0.7061.0, but cluster disks on Windows Server 2008 (Non R2) are still not being discovered. Any ideas?


  • @Fman -

    Not sure why, I checked the script and it simply looks for BuildVersion in WMI to be > 6000. That should include Server 2008.

    So - follow the chain of discovery.

    Make sure your cluster is discovered in Discovered Inventory for the "Virtual Server" class.
    Make sure your cluster is discovered for the disk discovery target as an instance of the "Windows Cluster (disk monitoring)" class.

    From there, cluster disks will be discovered as either "Cluster Disk" or "Cluster Shared Volume".

    Look for script errors on the cluster nodes. Make sure agent proxy is enabled for clusters.

  • Thanks for the response Kevin,

    I have checked the items listed above, and everything looks good, I have actually replicated the issue in our test environment;

    the issue existing using management pack 6.0.7061.0 (Windows Server Cluster Disks Monitoring)
    I downgraded our that specific management pack to 6.0.7026.0 (Windows Server Cluster Disks Monitoring) and the "Cluster Disks" are being discovered.

    I was wondering if there was a hotfix i missed.

  • Hi Kevin,
    actually instance for windows server 2012 logical disk is discovering but when i create custom MP IN THAT instance is not discovering. i meant to say C: and D: drive which are logical disk of drive type 3 are are hosted by windows 2012 servers are discovered in windows server 2012 logical disk class but when i create custom MP in that above c: and d: instance are not discovering. i checked wmi working through wmimgmt.msc and query using wbemtest by connecting to respective server. kindly throw light on this

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