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OpsMgr: MP Update: New Base OS MP 6.0.6958.0 ships.

OpsMgr: MP Update: New Base OS MP 6.0.6958.0 ships.

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Recently I discussed that we released a new Base OS MP 6.0.6957.0 which added many new features to the base OS MP’s.  In some of these new features, we got some feedback on some issues, and we are shipping an updated version of the MP to resolve the majority of the reported issues.  See my previous post describing the new features here:


Get the new version 6.0.6958.0 from the download center:


What’s new?


  • Disabled BPA Rules by default.

The Best Practices Analyzer monitor is now shipped disabled out of the box.  Since most customers have a lack of adherence to the best practices on specific server roles, and this monitor would generate a significant amount of noise in most customer environments, it has been changed to disabled by default.  You can enable this if you would like to compare your server roles against the built in Server 2008 R2 BPA and receive alerts on this.

  • Added appropriate SQL Stored Procedures credentials

The reports we shipped in the new contained two stored procedures which required manual intervention to assign permissions, previously.  This has been resolved.

***Note – this MP with these new reports was designed for SQL2008 reporting environments only.  It will fail to deploy on SQL 2005 SCOM infrastructures.  If you are using SQL 2005 for a backend for OpsMgr databases and reporting, either upgrade to SQL 2008 or later, or do not import this MP.  If you have already imported this MP, delete it.  It is not supported for SQL 2005.

  • Updated Knowledge for Logical Disks

The knowledge for the logical disk free space monitors was updated to reflect the new default values.

  • Updated Overrides for Logical Disks

In the previous release (6.0.6957.0) of this MP, some of your previous overrides would not apply.  This has been resolved in the current version of the MP.

  • Fixed %Idle time sorting in the utilization report.
  • Thanks for advising on availability, alas reports still not working for me.

    SQL 2008 reporting and DB and I elevated the reporting account to SA to confirm not permissions and I get;

    Query execution failed for dataset `PerformanceData' for the Performance by System report, and

    Query execution failed for dataset `PerfDS' for the Performance by Utilization report

    Am I missing something, is there additional reports config required?


  • @Aengus -

    What is the specific error you are getting?  There should be a more specific error returned.  

    I recommend enabling remote errors on you reporting server so the report output will show you the full details of the error:   (without remote errors enabled – you might only see the top two lines in the error above)

  • Thx Kevin. Appreciate your effort here.

    The new reports do not seem to be working.

    When running a Performance by System report...Just placing 1 server in as the name and running it from Yesterday, the report comes back empty with Number of Servers as 0. Nothing related in the Event Logs.

    Maybe I need to leave the new MP for a day to get data??


    John Bradshaw

  • Thanks Kevin,

    I should have remembered to set that :-)

    Looks like our issue is collation. The Db's are CP1 but the server default is Latin1_general and the create scripts in the reports don't specify collation.

    I knew the Db's needed to be CP1 but this is the first time we have encountered an issue where I am asking if the server default needs to be CP1 and a bit of research indicates it may need to be;

    I'll check out options to change with our Dba and take from there.

    Thanks for above and your great blog!


  • @John I found that if you select a whole week that it does show data. When selecting the from Yesterday option I didn't get data at first either.

    @Kevin, until now loving the new version of this MP!

  • Hi Kevin

    We are using SQL 2005 Standard version for OpsMgr and OpsMgr DW. Can we import other MP's except Reporting mp? or all MP's depends on SQL version?

  • @Donald -

    Absolutely!  You can pick and choose which MP's you want.  Just dont import the reports MP.  If you dont want the (disabled) BPA monitor - dont import that MP!  If you dont have Cluster Shared volumes on Hyper-V, dont import that MP!

  • Thx Bob...Yep even 1 day reports working fine now. Getting a good reception from users too!!


  • Anynews on systems with more that 40 CPU's?

  • @Mike - mike - please see my previous response on the other article.

  • Hello Kevin,

    Thanks for all these details which make easy to install this MP.

    Several facts I noticed:

    - During the installation of the MP I lost the heartbeat on all clients ... "Heartbeat Failure" alert in SCOM with paging for mots of them.... (: any special thing i did not notice on this MP... is it heavier than previous ones which did not created these alerts...

    The SVCMOMACtion is logged in the Security Event log at the same time as both alerts: 8:09 am closed 8:41 am and then a second alert 8:49 closing by 9:22 am...

    Should I place all server in Maintenance Mode when applying the new MPs now?

    - DPM is giving me a hard time with these reports...

    Long Drive Name are not well displayed on the reports Performance By Utilization and Performance by System. If the Drive Name is over 3 Chareacters it becomes unreadable...

    As I have several issues within Individual Report for the various graphs where 10 servers listed are all red I need to expand these reports individually:

    e.g.: Logocal Disk: Average Percent Space Used

    How to get an individual report and work on more thna 10 occurences only for this report... (10 is fine for most graphs)



  • @Felyjos -

    There is nothing the MP to cause HB failures.  That sounds like you have a serious performance issue with your environment and the config update storm caused by the MP update kept your RMS so busy, that the healthservice was not able to keep up with HB.  I'd take a serious look at your configuration on the RMS and DB's from an IO perspective.

    No - you should not place all agents into maintenance mode when doing a MP import.

  • Thanks a lot Kevin

    I will check the IO issues

  • Still the updated Management Pack does not show Logical disk values in the alert description (Free MB and %) like the old one. the moment we updated the OS MP we started to receive calls from operations team complaining about this.

    another thing we noticed. we are monitoring some logical disks that have no label. previously we were able to get the performance counters for it. now with the new management pack it is not collecting any performance counter on those disks.

    Will Microsoft update this Management pack or we need to import the oldest one ?


  • @Damati -

    Two points:

    1.  Collecting performance data for disks with no drive label.  Actually - this is not correct.  We dont care if a disk has a label or not.  The issue is collecting perf for disks with no drive LETTER.  This never worked, in any version of the base OS MP - and no changes were made in this area.  The problem there is that the collection rule passes the "Device ID" variable (normally drive letter) to match on the perfmon instance.  However, for disks with no letter - we discover a different value in the device ID than the perfmon instance.  To address this, we need to add a new property to the logical disk class for perfmon instance and discover this correctly, OR, we need to change the logical disk discovery so that Device ID value matches perfmon instances.  \\?\Volume{ddff0c64-48ee-11df-8fe0-806e6f6e6963} =\= HarddiskVolume4.

    2.  You are correct - the free disk space alert description was changed.  There are no immediate plans to change this that I know about.  HOWEVER - if this impacts any customer's business process, the BEST way to have any MP changed, is to call PSS, open a case, and ask them to file a DCR or RFH on your .  That's it.  DCR = design change request and RFH = request for hotfix.  This has the most impact, because it is YOUR business case that effects change.  So, if you want to see this workflow design change, or ANY change to a MP, and can communicate the business impact, the next step is yours.  :-)

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