Hey everyone,

 Thanks to all of you who have already responded to the SBS WW Community Survey 2008.

I have had almost 200 responses so far. I would love it if we could get close to 2,000 responses this year. We got over 700 last year and we learned a ton. The reason why I would like a lot more responses is because I have more help to chew on the data. We had a huge impact on a lot of the other supporting teams like the Community team that works on forums, blogs, etc... As well as the TechNet and Product Support teams.

If you are blogging my survey out to the people who read your blog, can you do me a huge favor and keep blogging reminders? It would be extremely helpful to getting more of our community engaged in providing very useful feedback.

A note about the questions and design of the survey:
In order to keep some statistical relevance, the survey has not been changed much from the previous two years. Since we now have 3 years of data, I am looking to make some changes for next years survey. So, if you have suggestions on other questions you think I should be asking, please let me know.

Just remember that the goal for the survey is to learn from the SBS Community. We want to know what is working, what is not working and how we can help in making your experience better.

Thanks for listening and all of your support over the years.