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Where are we with the Windows Home Server Beta

Where are we with the Windows Home Server Beta

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Just an update on the Windows Home Server Beta (Beta 2). 

I will posting a final announcement of the public beta soon. Now, this is not your normal public beta, You will kind of have to know someone to get in initially.  Primarily invitations will be spread virally. So, existing MS employees who are participating in the beta, worldwide, I might add in a very proportional way, will get to invite someone that they know to the beta. We have well over 1,000 MSFT employees on this beta right now. So, the viral thing has a good head start. Once that happens, depending on how quickly those invitations get used up, we will do another block of invitations to the existing beta participants again.

We will also have a web forum up on The forum will be called Windows Home Server. Surprised. This forum will be completely public so even if you are not on the beta, you can read what is going on up there for yourself and also ask questions. We will do our best to answer them. We may also be dropping out invitation codes randomly into the forums so that anyone who is paying attention can grab it and get in. We will probably also come up with some other ways to get the invitations out in the wild.

I hope that this helps make it clearer on how we plan to run this beta.  Who knows, it could change, it has happened before.


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  • Will the Beta go out to Technet Plus subscribers?

    (or do I need to beg for an invite ?)

    As the keynote went out on CES I was about to look at configuring a home PC to run SBS as a Home server. (I run SBS at work and I was trying to see how simple I could set things up for families)

    I have two pcs (for the kids), two laptops (for me and my other half) and a spare pc to re-purpose as a server.

    I think the timing on the Homer Server is perfect, I know countless people and a number of friends and family who I have built systems for in the past and this would be a perfect solution.

    It sounds a Fantastic product! I don’t know how you guys kept it under wraps so well !

    I have left my SBS as a home server project on the shelf at the moment, here’s hoping for an invite.

  • The invitations initially will be viral only with some other campaigns from Product Marketing. We are not specifically targeting Technet plus subscribers.  We plan to go bigger as time permits.

  • Are current participants of Longhorn Server beta in?

  • dDex,

    Keep watching here, I will try to let you know what is going to happen next. All the invitations that are going out for this week are out. Maybe more will  go out in another week.

    Jordan M,

    Thanks for asking, no the Longhorn Server Beta participants are not in the beta.  We actually just went live with our first round of vial invitations on Thursday afternoon. So, we are just beginning to open the scope of visibility to this product to the public. Stay tuned, this probably will start getting bigger.  It has been a very exciting last week. I have close to 100 MS MVPs participating in this beta as well. The feedback we have been getting already from just this small set of MVPs has been amazing.


  • Do I get an invite since I suggested the idea to you guys over a year ago?

  • I might if I had a way to contact you. ;)

  • I dont know if any can answer these questions :)

    How does the "diskpooling" feature works? Is this a feature developed by MS and will be included in a future version of other server products?

    Who do I have to bribe to get an invite to the beta ;)

  • Go check out Charlie Kindel's Blog linked on the left of my blog to see if he may have answered your question about "diskpooling" and also under the press room to links on the web for coverage on Windows Home Server. I believe this is covered in some form there.

    Bribes? Sorry, can't do that. That would not be right or fair or legal....  It will become available the beta that is, in due time. Stay tuned.


  • I was only kidding! ;)

    I'll check if there is any information there :)

    Are there any technical contacts, or will I have to wait for the technet forum?


  • You will have to wait for the technet forum. You could post a question to Charlie's blog. He may be able to answer it there.

  • If I ask nicely, can I get invited?

    Prettty please?

  • I'd love to get on the beta.  Unfortunately, I don't know of anyone who can invite me :(

    If you feel like throwing me a bone, shoot an invite to tfieldho at hotmail.

  • You mentioned that there would be a public forum for WHS beta support at  I went over there and couldn't find the forum.  Is it not live yet? Do I have to create an account to see it?

  • We are gettnig close, but this forum is not published yet. We will open this up in the coming weeks once we are ready to have our conversations go public.



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