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  • Blog Post: The Windows Essential Server Solutions Family

    Today, we publicly announced the product family in which Essential Business Server is a part of-- Windows Essential Server Solutions --and the new family web site .  The Essential Server Solution family also includes Small Business Server and the web site unveils the features and functionality in...
  • Blog Post: Heros Happen Here Comic Strip

    While you're waiting for you Windows Essential Business Servers to finish installing have a laugh by jumping on your client computer and browsing to the new HHH Comic Series .  The art and dialogue are very well done and the humor is funny and IT topical.
  • Blog Post: You Deserve More Than "Good Enough"

    When I was an Enterprise Strategist and then Consultant in Microsoft's US Midwest sales district, one of the most frustrating situations I experienced were customers (mainly enterprise: 20K+ desktops, 1000+ servers) who didn't utilize technology to its fullest.  I was always troubled by how much...
  • Blog Post: "Fresno" -- Whaa?!?

    As strange as it may seem, "Fresno" doesn't exist. I'm not talking about the city in California which I can say unequivocally does exist since I've been there :-) but the "Windows Server appliance" that was recently referred to in a CRN article . You might not think that another "product announcement...