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    For those of you who want to only download the Outlook Connector you can go to . 
  • Blog Post: The NEW Windows Live Essentials is now available!

    The “gold” version of the Windows Live Essentials applications (e.g. Mail, Photo Gallery, Writer--which I’m using to write this blog, the Outlook Connector, etc.) are available now at   This final version was in beta when I joined the WL team a couple of months ago. ...
  • Blog Post: Updated: What would you like changed/improved in Windows Live?

    Updated Post (posted on March 4, 2009): Several keen observers sent email to me about my newly established livewish email address gently reminding me of an already established communication vehicle to get feedback to the Windows Live team.  The official and preferred feedback mechanism to connect...
  • Blog Post: THE Outlook Connector

    In addition to the product planning I do for Windows Live, I also work with the Microsoft Office Outlook team on the Outlook Connector.  What is the Outlook Connector you ask?  It is a grossly underutilized sync solution for people who are both Hotmail users and who have Outlook 2003 or 2007...