The “gold” version of the Windows Live Essentials applications (e.g. Mail, Photo Gallery, Writer--which I’m using to write this blog, the Outlook Connector, etc.) are available now at  This final version was in beta when I joined the WL team a couple of months ago.  Anyone who is running the version that came out ~12 months ago will really enjoy the added functionality and integration.  

My personal favorite is Windows Live Photo Gallery because my family has 40K+ photos.  WLPG makes it super easy to organize, categorize, and do minor edits (e.g. fix red-eye) on photos.  If you use Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, LinkedIn and a number of other cloud services you’ll probably appreciate the ease at which you can tag photos that include people.  

Oh, and did I mention that Windows Live Essentials is free?  Don’t take my word, you be the judge.