After 3.5 years as the product planner for Windows Essential Business Server, today I began a new job in the Windows Live Experience team.   I will be one of the “desktop communications” product planners which basically means I’ll be contributing to cool, big market products like Windows Live Communicator, Windows Live Mail (which is one of the premier clients for Hotmail) and one of my personal favorites, the Outlook Connector.  If you are not familiar with Windows Live I encourage you to visit  The new “Wave 3” version is getting incredible reviews and deservedly so.

While I’ll greatly miss all of the people I met while I was gathering research on Midsize Businesses my new job gives me a chance to contribute on a product that literally is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world.  To paraphrase David Bowie having that many customers fits into category of “Under pressure”


I’ll be hanging out in the newsgroups looking for feedback but if you have suggestions for me as it pertains to my new job, fire away.