We revealed some new Windows Essential Business Server information today.   Take a look at:

Want to give EBS a spin?  Sign up for the Public Preview here (the red indicates its important <g>).   Note: the Hyper-V extensions for running EBS virtualized are in RC0 but please understand you'll need a beefy box (12 - 16 Gb RAM, spindles for each VM, server-class processor).  This is because EBS' servers, unlike, say a file server, are fully utilized so you'll be taking a well utilized server and wrapping it in a VM with two other well utilized servers.  If you decide to Hyper-V EBS, make sure you select the legacy NIC(s). 

Want to talk about your experience with EBS? We want the good, bad and your suggestions for what you feel is missing.   Use our Public Newsgroup.  Discuss.