I wanted to take a moment to thank the many IT Administrators the dev team and I met with in Paris and Germany during the last two weeks of April.  I find it comforting to know that their needs aren't much different from here in North America while at the same time learn there is additional functionality in which they would greatly benefit.  The main differences are bandwidth, firewalls in use, and a willingness to use open source software (mainly email/anti-spam) to reduce your software spend.  While EBS isn't free it will go a long way to saving customers money.

Eiffel Tower

In addition to enjoying those fantastic, cosmopolitan cities I want to extend my thanks (again) to Gregory, Jean-Loup, Pierre, Franck, Thierry, Faycal, Eric, Arnhold, Claus-Peter, Christopher, Andreas, Thorsten, Andreas (there are two!) and Frank.  Please drop me a note if you're ever in the Seattle area.