What I was doing, RichCopy now..

What I was doing, RichCopy now..

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First of all I’d like to apologize for being away for so long and not actively updating this blog.

Today I will share what I was doing while I was away. My group is responsible for ensuring the quality of products aimed at enterprise customers as well as accelerating innovation through the engagement and joint activities with software and hardware partners. Over the past year I have been working almost exclusively on setting up our new facility, “Microsoft Otemachi Technology Center” in downtown Tokyo, Japan. This is a rather unique facility as it houses both MIC (Microsoft Innovation Center) and MTC (Microsoft Technology Center) as opposed to the usual model of having one facility dedicated to one center. MIC focuses on accelerating innovation and stimulating the local software economy with Microsoft technology, and MTC, which is for enterprise customers, “…is a collaborative environment that provides access to innovative technologies and world-class expertise, enabling you to envision, design, and deploy solutions to meet your exact needs” (MTC Web site). I was the project manager for every phase in setting up this new facility in Tokyo. My role not only involved driving the project, but I was also responsible to the entire design process from designing the office layout and infrastructure to setting up the switches, cables, etc. This new facility has 5 briefing rooms, 2 solution experience room, 1 envisioning room,  1 datacenter and 1 topology lab. Here is look like.





Briefing Room

Briefing Room


Microsoft is committed to reducing carbon dioxide, and I spent a lot of time designing this new facility to minimize energy consumption, especially in the datacenter, which accommodates a total 40 server racks. In many cases, customers pay attention to server and storage energy consumption, but not the air conditioning infrastructure. At a typical datacenter, not container base, server and storage consumes less than 50% of total energy; the rest is consumed by lighting and air conditioning. Thus facility infrastructure is quite important for better PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). Also this new facility hosts an environment for product testing, such as Exchange Server, SQL, and System Center’s management solutions. Network infrastructure was another key area.


Focuses are:

-       Central management and monitoring of PDU (Power Distribution Unit) and Air Conditioners, not only server hardware and OS.

-       Independent air conditioning control (per Server rack) to avoid unnecessarily cold lab.

-       Maximum efficiency of cooling by minimizing the diffusion of hot air for high cooling efficiency. *Hot Aisle Containment

-       Typical datacenter/lab configuration, not container, as our customers and partners come to visit and use them.

-       Higher network bandwidth.


What we’ve chosen is APC’s datacenter solution. APC is Microsoft’s technology and solution partner, and they have rack and power solutions that satisfy the majority of the needs mentioned above.

Here is what the new center has deployed:


Summary of infrastructure


-       APC’ Datacenter solution

Ø  NetShelter Racks with HAC (Hot Aisle Containment)

Ø  InRow cooling

Ø  InfraStruXure PDUs

-       HP ProCurve, Brocade and F5 for network solution.

Network Cables

-       CAT6A

-       OM3, ribbon cable for interconnection between racks and labs. (MPO/MPO)


-       HP ProCurve, Brocade and F5 for network solution.

-       80G bps interconnection between labs.

-       10G network ready (CX4, SR)

-       FCoE


-       iSCSI (1000Base-SR 1000Base-T, 10G Base-SR [SFP+])

-       Fibre Channel (2, 4, 8G bps)

-       FCoE (10G bps)


Hot Aisle Containment 

HAC (Hot Aisle Containment) to minimize the diffusion of hot air for high cooling efficiency. 


Core switch with 10G modules



Long path, reparse point, some missing command options, etc will be addressed in next release. It will be released in a couple of weeks.


  • Hello, Ken.

    Congratulations on a great looking facility. Well done!

    I am happy to see that you will be able to spend some time on RichCopy again :-) Will shares be included in the new version?

  • And also, what about the possibility to handle long paths/file names? Will that be included in the new version?

  • That is a very nice facility. Show us more and bigger photos :)

    Can new version hide the splash screen and GUI when RichCopy is run from the command line?

  • New update will support long path and option to hide splash screen.

  • Excellent, can't wait. I was just about to download the old version, but will hold off for the next release. Long path support will be a huge benefit.

  • this tool is pretty cool but i was wondering if there will be the option to copy files with more than 255 characters (like robocopy does). is it going to be a feature soon? (..i hope so :))


  • I've tried to set up RichCopy via command line in a way that it shouldn't overwrite existing files. /NE without any other "conditions" switches should do it, but it doesn't. I saw that when I switch in the GUI from Time stamp is... "Updated" to "No check", it ADDS a /TSU in the command line paramters window in "Options". Alright then, but even with /TSU in my command line it kept on overwriting files with updated time stamps. Any advice on this? Any chance to fix it for the upcoming update?

    By the way, /CNF obviously is "Create directory only when it has child" and has - here in 4.0.217 - nothing yet to do with suppressing any popups.

    Thanks for the good work, Ken! I really appreciate how well RC can be customized. For me, the main advantage was that it offers copy verification and a CLI.

  • It is possible to test what files will be copied or deleted? (The /L flag of robocopy).

  • I read most of the earlier posts concerning ACLs, etc. not transfering over for various reasons, and I'm wondering if anyone has used RichCopy for the bulk file/folder transfer, then used Robocopy to fix ACLs, timestamps,updating, etc.? Yeah, it would be nice to have it all in one single app, but hey, it's free!

    Domarigato Ken-san for your time and effort - gambare!

  • bigger pics pls!  Awesome work

  • Any updates on when the new RichCopy will be released?

  • Ken, your work on RichCopy is much appreciated by us out in the trenches.

    Any chance you will add a SFTP connection method to RichCopy? In my environment, we are quite concerned about security of passwords, etc.



  • Nice work on RichCopy Ken.  We needed a multithreaded copy tool for a long time.  It would be perfect if the ACL issues were resolved :).

    Thanks for your hard work.


  • First let me say the utility is excellent.  Perhaps I am just missing it; I have not seen any command line options for date based inclusion/exclusion.  If all of the program options had a corresponding command line option that would be great.  I would also like to put my vote in to have the utility to become part of the free OS resource kits.

  • We realise RichCopy is not your "only job" but it has been 4 months since the "where I have been" update and getting close to a year since the last update to RichCopy (June 2009). Are you still there and if so is this an "active" project that may get some work at any stage ?

    Thanks for the excellent piece of software. It just needs some attention, please.

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