RichCopy Build 4.0.216 has been posted to the Microsoft Download Center.

RichCopy Build 4.0.216 has been posted to the Microsoft Download Center.

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I am so surprised there are so many IT professionals who are looking for rich featured file copy tools. Since RichCopy became publicly available from the Microsoft download center, I am receiving tons of emails such as questions, bug reports, feature requests. I am sorry that I am not able to respond to all of your e-mails, however I will answer most of them in my blog. Some of you may have noticed that RichCopy package on Microsoft download center has been replaced with a new build which is Version 4.0.216. There is no additional features, but the following bugs have been fixed in this release.

1. Cannot copy security information when /CSA /CSD /CSG /CSO /CSS options are specified or equivalent options are set in the option dialog.
2. Logging information is truncated when RichCopy is executed from the command line.
3. Destination path got corrupted when RichCopy is executed from the command line. (rarely happens..)
4. There is no description of file and directory filtering command parameters in the helpfile…

Currently installed RichCopy has to be removed before installing the new version.

One thing I found is,
There must be many users who use RichCopy to copy only updated files. Most of users assign only 1 thread for directory search; however you can dramatically accelerate the performance of source and destination comparison by assigning multiple threads, especially this works well when files are distributed to multiple directories as RichCopy assign 1 thread to each directory search, not a tree.

Here is an example. (local to local, but different storage)

(1 million files in source and destination)
Thread # for Directory Search
1 about 10 minutes
2 about 6 minutes
4 about 2 minutes
8 about 1 minutes

  • I tried this latest version, selected security info be copied in the gui. However, it's still not copying the acls between two filers in same domain. Does this only do explicidly assigned acls or will it copy them if copying from lower lever folder that has inherited them?


  • Could you check the version installed in your machine? I have tested MS internal version, and it seems ok, so I may make mistake updating public version. (By the way, only difference between MS Internal and public version is contact information, logo,etc. So functionality is exactly same.)

  • Thank you for this great program. Unfortunately there still seems to be a problem with copying from multiple source directories in version 4.0.216.

    When using the GUI I get an error 87 (the parameter is incorrect) and when used from the command line the application will close immediately. It does work from the command line however if I supply no parameters at all.

    This is with windows 7 RC1 64bit.

    If this is a user error I would appreciate a pointer on how to make it work.

  • I will look into this one again, and get back to this thread.

  • Ken, the timer function is not working correctly.  If I set a time to start in the GUI and start the job, it will not start at the specified time.  At that point, if I cancel the job, it starts copying immediately.  One thing I noticed is that the time set in the GUI does not apply correctly to the command line.  The command line shows 7 hours ahead of what is set in the GUI.  If I try to set the time in the GUI 7 hours back to compensate, when I try to start the job I get error 87.  I can set a scheduled task do do the same thing, but I like the idea of the timer and would like to be able to use it.  Thanks for a great tool!

  • I will also investigate the issue of timer function.

  • Hi Ken

    Just wanted to say thanks to start with.

    I've been holding out for this build - Will be testing the functionality in the morning.

    Appreciate your work.



  • Hi Ken,

    I'm having an issue with wildcards.  I'm executing the program from a batch and it's not recognizing the wildcard selection.  It is copying all directories and files from the source directory to the destination.

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Rich Tools\RichCopy 4.0\RichCopy.exe"  "C:\Documents and Settings\ebambury\Desktop\Source\"  "C:\Documents and Settings\ebambury\Desktop\Destination" /M /FIF "*.csv" /FED "*" /QA /QP "C:\report.log" /UE /US /UD /UC /UPF /UFC /UCS /USC /USS /UPR /UET

    If there is a better forum for these questions, please advise.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Security - Security function just works fine on my machine. Your issue may be caused by that you do not have sufficient access privilege. RichCopy does not have execution level information in manifest, which mean that you do not have rights to set security information to files and folders as default UAC setting. This can be avoided by checking “Run as admin…” in the RichCopy.exe and/or RichCopy64.exe property dialog.

    Timer - I will investigate.

    Wildcards - Could you try with "*.*" instead of "*"

  • I'm trying to copy only txt files by date from a mixed folder.  When I try to set various options I move either all the text files (instead of only those before/after date) or all files in directory.  How do you recommend setting the options for this?

  • Ken,

    Wildcards - It's the "*.csv" that doesn't work.  I did try the "*.*" for the excluded directory command and it still includes the directories in the copy.  Everything works fine when executed from the GUI.  When run from a batch file it just seems to ignore all include/exclude commands and it copies everything from the source to the destination.

  • Downloaded the new version twice, does anyone have tips on how to make it copy ACL?

    Windows Server 2003, SP2

    copying from disk to dia, Both NTFS, both basic disks

    Robocopy works, but this is a million times faster...

  • There are two solutions to work around ACL issue.

    1. Turn off UAC, however it is not recommended.

    2. Check the option of "Run as administrator".

  • I wasn't aware that windows server 2003 had UAC?

    Im running as a domain admin already, does it have to be the local admin?

  • Thanks Ken, program works great. We currently use the robocopy /MIR switch to replicate all our file shares to a backup appliance. Is it possible to achieve this with Richcopy? I have tried the /PURGE switch but that doesn't seem to remove empty folders.

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