Thanks to everyone who attended my session yesterday at Cloud Expo in NYC on leveraging Microsoft Azure Active Directory to Simplify Identity Management in the Cloud era. In this article, I’ve included a copy of my deck and additional resources to help you get started with Azure Active Directory.

Simplifying Identity Management in the Cloud era

Download a copy of this deck for offline viewing.

Ready to get started with Azure Active Directory?

Be sure to use these resources to get started with your hands-on exploration of Azure Active Directory:

  1. Step-by-Step: Activate a FREE Microsoft Azure trial subscription.
  2. Step-by-Step: Get Started with Azure Active Directory and Multi-Factor Authentication.
  3. Learn: Master Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure as an Early Expert!
  4. Read: Administering your Azure AD Tenant
  5. Read: Authentication Scenarios
  6. Read: Integrating Applications with Azure Active Directory
  7. Explore: Code Samples for Integrating Custom Applications