Today, as part of our Build Your Private Cloud in a Month series, Yung Chou and I are extending our Private Cloud into a Hybrid Network Infrastructure with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services to provide our cloud fabric with the best of both worlds … the low-latency and high-bandwidth available in our on-premises datacenter with the cloud-scale elasticity and burst capabilities of Windows Azure. 

Tune in as we walk through some common scenarios where IT Pros may find it more appealing to deploy a hybrid datacenter solution.  Along the way, we’ll also explain what components are required and how to build out and configure both your cloud and local networks.

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Specific topics in this session include:

  • [ 01:20 ] Recap: Building a Private Cloud
  • [ 02:30 ] What is IaaS? Why would IT Pros be interested in “Infrastructure as a Service” as part of a Hybrid Cloud solution?
  • [ 05:50 ] What is Windows Azure Virtual Networks? What are some common scenarios for it?
  • [ 14:44 ] How should I plan for Azure Virtual Networks?  What do I need to do to get started?
  • [ 20:10 ] DEMO: Building out our Cloud Network
  • [ 28:14 ] DEMO: Building out our definitions for our local network
  • [ 37:56 ] DEMO: Configuring our on-premise VPN gateway

What’s Next?

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Are You in The Clouds With Me?

What are your thoughts around Private Cloud? Feel free to share your comments and thoughts below!

- Keith