In this final portion of our Build Your Private Cloud in a Month series, Yung Chou and I show how to leverage System Center 2012 SP1 App Controller to manage a hybrid cloud environment that could consist of on-premises Private Clouds, Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, and hosted Service Provider clouds – all from a single web-based management console!

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Specific topics in this session include:

  • [ 01:33 ] Recap: Building a Private Cloud series
  • [ 02:38 ] How to manage a Hybrid Cloud environment with System Center 2012 SP1 App Controller?
  • [ 11:15 ] DEMO: Hybrid Cloud Management with App Controller
  • [ 24:25 ] Summary: Building a Private Cloud series

What’s Next?

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Are You in The Clouds With Me?

What are your thoughts around Private Cloud? Feel free to share your comments and thoughts below!

- Keith