As we’ve seen so far throughout our Build Your Private Cloud in a Month series, Private Clouds allow us to organize our datacenter resources into pools of resources and template configurations that are really easy to deploy and manage. 

But, as we all know, configuration tasks for datacenter workloads don’t end with initial provisioning! We’ve got to have equally effective tools for managing updates to our Private Cloud fabric components, as well as servicing and scaling application workloads deployed within our Private Cloud.  IT requirements can frequently change through the lifecycle of a deployed application as the scope of business needs, application code, and user audience continue to evolve.

In this video walk-through, Yung Chou and I will showcase recommendations, tools and methods for managing the lifecycle of your Private Cloud workloads with System Center 2012 SP1 Virtual Machine Manager – including updating Private Cloud fabric components, servicing and deploying new versions of an application workload, and scaling applications elastically to support changing capacity requirements.

Updating, Servicing and Scaling Your Private Cloud with System Center 2012 SP1

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Specific topics in this session include:

  • [ 02:22 ] Recap: Building a Private Cloud
  • [ 04:30 ] Updating the Private Cloud Fabric
  • [ 06:31 ] DEMO: How to Service & Scale Private Cloud Application Workloads
  • [ 21:53 ] DEMO: How to Update the Private Cloud Fabric with Virtual Machine Manager

What’s Next?

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Are You in The Clouds With Me?

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- Keith