Yung Chou and I are back for another episode in our multi-part series on how to Build Your Private Cloud using System Center 2012 SP1. Tune in today as we show how to configure the network fabric in System Center 2012 SP1 Virtual Machine Manager.  We’ll walk through the process of adding datacenter VLANs for our cluster, storage and management traffic as well as client VM networks using Windows Network Virtualization ( aka., NV-GRE ) for isolating client traffic to our VMs in the Private Cloud.

Configure Network Fabric in System Center 2012 SP1 Virtual Machine Manager

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Specific topics in this episode include:

  • [ 03:32 ] Recap: How to manage Networking
  • [ 13:05 ] How do you configure these network components into Virtual Machine Manager?
  • [ 14:16 ] DEMO: Defining Two Logical Networks | Define Network Sites/ Subnets | Creating IP Pools
  • [ 26:50 ] DEMO: How to Create VM Networks
  • [ 38:44 ] What are logical switches?
  • [ 43:03 ] DEMO: How to Create & Assign Logical Switches in Virtual Machine Manager

What’s Next?

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