Windows 8 was officially released to manufacturing on August 1st, 2012 and it will be generally available for new purchases on October 26th. NOW is a great time to start getting familiar with this latest Windows operating system that provides improvements across the board - including a new touch-enabled Tile-based User Interface, Storage Spaces, Simplified Printing, File History, PowerShell 3.0, Client Hyper-V Virtualization and MUCH more! Whether you have a Desktop, Laptop, Ultrabook or Slate PC - Windows 8 provides new benefits to increase productivity, usability and performance.

Between now and October 26th, we're providing a Virtual "LoadFest" Kit that you can use to load Windows 8 in a dual-boot configuration without upsetting your existing Windows 7 operating system. You can copy this kit to a 4GB or larger USB storage device and use it to install Windows 8 individually.  Or, better yet - copy this kit to multiple 4GB or larger USB storage devices and organize your own ad-hoc Windows 8 LoadFest event with your friends!  They just need to bring their PC to participate.

Organize your own Windows 8 LoadFest today!

The full details on this Virtual LoadFest kit are available here.

In the comments below, let me know if you were successful in loading Windows 8 and, if you're planning a local Windows 8 LoadFest event, feel free to include the event date and location information to help publicize it.