Today at Tech Ed North America, we all saw great keynote presentations featuring cool new features in Windows Server 2012 - improved features across the board, including Management, Storage, Virtualization and Security!  Aching to begin playing around with some of these new features for yourself, but don't have access to your own server lab environment back at your shop? No worries - we've written a step-by-step lab guide that shows how you can build your very own Windows Server 2012 server lab in the Cloud with the new Windows Azure Virtual Machine customer preview.  Better yet, for a limited time you can build your cloud-based server lab for FREE by leveraging the Windows Azure free trial subscription program.

This is a great opportunity to begin learning Windows Server 2012 and the new Windows Azure Virtual Machine features together so that you can begin planning your own migration to a private cloud or hybrid cloud strategy.  I encourage you all to take advantage of it!

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