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About Keith ...

Keith Mayer is a Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft focused on Windows Infrastructure, Data Center Virtualization, Systems Management and Private Cloud. Keith has over 20 years of experience as a technical leader of complex IT projects, in diverse roles, such as Network Engineer, IT Manager, Technical Instructor and Consultant. He has consulted and trained thousands of IT Pros worldwide on design of enterprise technology solutions.

Keith is currently certified on several Microsoft technologies, including Private Cloud, System Center, Hyper-V, Windows, Windows Server, SharePoint and Exchange. He also holds other industry certifications from VMware, IBM, Cisco, Citrix, HP, CheckPoint, CompTIA and Interwoven.

You can contact Keith online at

  • Step-by-Step: User-Defined Routing in the Cloud with Azure Resource Manager and Azure PowerShell 1.0 Preview

    Custom IP routing topologies on Azure Virtual Networks have been available for several months via native User-Defined Routing (UDR) and IP Forwarding features.  However, recently I’ve been receiving questions on how to configure IP forwarding and user-defined routes via the new Azure Resource Manager (ARM) API. 

    Azure UDR 2

    In this article, we’ll step through a set of PowerShell snippets that walk-through the entire end-to-end process of using the new Azure PowerShell 1.0 Preview module cmdlets for ARM to implement user-defined routing for the front-end subnet pictured above ...

  • (Part 5) Open Source + Microsoft Azure - Deploying Linux Containers in the Cloud with Docker and Azure

    In part 5 of our “ Open Source + Azure ” series, Keith Mayer welcomes Tatiana Lavrentieva to the show as they discuss how you can deploy Linux Containers in the cloud using Docker and Microsoft Azure. [ 2:32 ] What is Docker and how are organizations using Docker and Azure together? [ 6:24 ] What are the main components of Docker? [ 10:00 ] Traditionally, Docker tools run on Linux ... is there support for running Docker tools on Windows as well? [ 18:00 ] How does networking work with Docker...
  • Data Collection for Regulated & Healthcare Industries with Inspector and Microsoft Azure

    Conor Hyland, Product Manager at IMEC Technologies joins Keith Mayer in this “Cloud Solution Innovators” edition as they discuss Inspector , a data collection software solution that can help your organization easily perform your field inspections. [ 1:24 ] Can you tell us a bit about IMEC Technologies and what solutions you deliver? [ 2:02 ] What does Inspector do and how does it leverage Microsoft Azure? [ 4:22 ] DEMO: Inspector walk through and demo Schedule a LIVE Demo here
  • Coordinating Home Healthcare via the Cloud with August Systems and Microsoft Azure

    Alan Nelson and Lynn Batty from August Systems join Keith Mayer as they discuss their latest cloud solution built on the Azure platform, CareWhen . Tune in as they walk us through their home healthcare management software solution. [ 1:03 ] Can you tell us a bit about August Systems and what solutions you deliver? [ 1:59 ] You’ve recently launched a new service called CareWhen. Can you tell us a little bit about what that does? [ 2:38 ] How are you leveraging the Azure cloud platform with CareWhen...
  • Social Learning powered by the Hybrid Cloud with NanoLearn

    Jerry Goguen from IntraLearn Software joins Keith Mayer to discuss his cloud solution, NanoLearn which helps organize and validate training and learning resources through SharePoint training courses. [ 1:02 ] Can you tell us a bit about IntraLearn Software and what solutions you deliver? [ 2:50 ] When building this solution, what attracted you most to building on Microsoft SharePoint? [ 13:46 ] DEMO: NanoLearn walkthrough and demo Schedule a LIVE Demo here _________________________...