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August, 2013

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Reaches the RTM Milestone !!!

    As noted in my earlier post about the availability dates for the 2012 R2 wave, we are counting the days until our partners and customers can start using these products. Today I am proud to announce a big milestone: Windows Server 2012 R2 has been released to manufacturing! MORE

  • Moving Applications to the Cloud, 3rd Edition - eBook Download

    This guide is the third edition of the first volume in a series about Windows Azure. It demonstrates how you can adapt an existing on-premises ASP.NET application to one that operates in the cloud by introducing a fictitious company named Adatum that modifies its expense tracking and reimbursement system, aExpense, so that it can be deployed to Windows Azure. To illustrate the wide range of options and features in Windows Azure, this guide and the code examples available for it show a step-by-step migration process that includes using Windows Azure Web Sites, Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, and SQL Database. Together with useful information on developing, deploying, managing, and costing cloud-hosted applications, this guide provides you with a comprehensive resource for moving your applications to Window Azure.

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  • The Largest JPG I’ve Encountered

    It occurs to me that “The Security Realm – A Microsoft Map of the Known World” picture at is quite possibly the largest pic I’ve downloaded.  The detail is impressive and fun.  The picture original size is a massive 13500 x 10800 and the filesize is a whooping 81 MB.  Pretty kewl.



  • Windows Azure Training Kit - updates for August

    The August 2013 update of the Windows Azure Training Kit includes updated versions of Introduction to Access Control Service 2.0 to the latest portal experience and MVC 4; Getting Started Windows Azure Storage with two extra exercises that go deeper on each storage abstraction security; and 4 new labs showing brand new portal functionalities.
    Content Updates:

    • New Lab: Going Live with Windows Azure Web Sites
    • New Lab: Automatically Scaling Web Applications on Windows Azure Web Sites
    • New Lab: Creating a Windows Azure Mobile Service with a Custom API
    • New Lab: Introduction to Windows Azure Active Directory
    • Updated Introduction to Windows Azure Access Control Service 2.0
    • New Exercises: Getting Started Windows Azure Storage

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  • Microsoft Datacenter TCO Tool - Now Live on the Web

    The Microsoft Cloud OS solution provides a modern datacenter with enterprise class virtualization, greater resource utilization, end-to-end service management and deep insight into applications so organizations can focus on delivering business value. Together with Windows Azure or a Microsoft Service Provider, you can also create advanced hybrid cloud deployment scenarios where seasonal spikes in demand can be easily managed through the public cloud.

    Our web-based tool provides a quick comparison of the TCO and benefits of deploying a Microsoft hybrid cloud vs. a VMware private cloud solution for your new workloads; or migrating your existing VMware workloads.  Check it out!