With Windows® Internet Explorer® 9, your websites look and perform as if they were native to Microsoft® Windows. Today’s websites and browsers only use 10 percent of what your PC offers, but with Internet Explorer 9 you can tap into the power of your whole PC so your websites shine. Taking full advantage of your PC’s hardware through Windows, you can enjoy graphically rich and immersive experiences that are as fast and responsive as native applications installed on your PC.


With a new, streamlined user experience, you can focus on the websites you love with a clean look that integrates seamlessly with Windows 7. A robust set of built-in security, privacy and reliability technologies keep you safer and your browsing experience uninterrupted. And for web developers, support for HTML5 and modern web standards architected to take advantage of the graphics processing unit (GPU) means that the same markup not only works across the web, but runs faster and delivers a richer experience
through Windows and Internet Explorer 9.

This guide outlines new features in Internet Explorer 9, highlighting the top features, and provides additional information on features specific for end users, developers, and IT professionals. Read on to learn more about how Internet Explorer 9 unlocks the Beauty of the Web (www.beautyoftheweb.com).

Get the guide @ http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=201990 in PDF format.