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Lenovo ThinkPad W510 – now available for order

Lenovo ThinkPad W510 – now available for order

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w510 Have some money to spend on the latest wares from Lenovo?  Here are the specifications for the new Lenovo ThinkPad W510.  Well, at least the one I would order if I could afford it.

Intel® Core™ i7 Quad Core Extreme i7-920XM, 16GB PC3-10600 1333MHz DDR3 RAM, 15.6" (396mm) FHD (1920x1080) color, anti-glare, LED backlight,
242 nits, 16:9 aspect ratio, 500:1 contrast ratio, 95% Gamut, and the NVIDIA® Quadro® FX880M, PCI Express® x16, 1GB memory GPU.

It also comes with USB 3.0, eSATA, and other bells and whistles.  If you have to ask about the price, go order one at but this isn’t a $300 netbook.

Full specs at Order this bad boy at

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  • Looks like we jsut found our next set of presenter laptops, just through some solid state drives and watch it go!

  • Yea, but with 16GB of RAM, you will only need a single machine.

  • What has happened to the T510 and W510? They have vanished from the Lenovo website.

  • talked to lenovo sales on Jan 12 - wanted to order the W510.  I was told the product had been pulled from the website due to strong orders.  The sales rep did not know when they would be made available.

  • The same thing happened as I recall when I ordered my T61p. Looks like a great machine.  I believe I'll have an eval unit before they start shipping to the public.  We'll see.

  • I'm the lucky got myself one while sale was on.

    yoink =)

    only concern I have about it is the NVS 5100m and what exactly is it?

    but choice of hardware was wierd to say the least

    though I was happy they were giving the 9cell as standard with it.

  • I was able to order one on the 7th and they said it would ship the 15th, now it is the 19th.  I am worried that they took it down due to production problems.

    I just had a w500 give up the ghost on Tuesday, I think it was jealous the w510 was coming :)

  • Yea, ordering a new laptop in front of your old one is a BAD idea.  You're supposed to sell it and give it a new loving home first, like I did.


  • @John Ramminger

    mine says shiping on 17th, I hope you are wrong about the production line problems. though

    something tells me you might be right I remember I bought ASUS v1 B something.. and that thing gave me 1 year headache I managed to get full refund after 11 months fight with asus and it was top of the range 2000$ machine! but with IBM

    its worth a risk I think still

  • BAD news folks 4 People I know that ordered the W510 have been refunded after money been taken and held 5 days!

    I think something is wrong with W510


    worst service from lenovo ever.

    serch tags :

    Lenovo thinkpad W510 NVIDIA NVS 5100m

  • Drewy,

    You never really know what might be happening behind the scenes but you might give Lenovo the benefit of the doubt.  I don't think there's any big broad conspiracy here.  It's a new product launch and I'm sure they want things to be right.

    And regarding service, I recently had a chance to experience it directly with a ThinkPad T61p I just sold.  Lenovo replaced the LCD screen under warranty and did a great job on the phone, shipping, repair, and return shipping.  I would not hestitate to recommend their services.  They seem first class to me.

    If you feel the need to complain further, you might do that at



  • Yes I think you are right, for how much did you sell your t61p, just wanted to buy one but then saw the 510 and went for it (with no success)

  • I ordered one on the evening of 1/13.  It was pulled the next morning and I initially lost my order.  The agent said they were "oversold" and no additional orders would be placed until it came back online.  The sale price on the w510 was only about $200 more than a somewhat comparable T410 so it was a value purchase. The features were far superior to the max available on the T410.  I ordered it with a full 3 year on-site service agreement that pushed the price but after my most recent experience with D_ _ _,  I felt it was necessary.

  • Jan 21 - My W510 arrived - so far - excellent!

  • I am really jealous Ken.  You suck!