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Windows Server 2008 isn't going to be my prime OS

Windows Server 2008 isn't going to be my prime OS

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That was fast.  I like it when I achieve a result fast.  In this case, I was testing Windows Server 2008 to see if it could really be my full time primary operating environment.   All the kewl geeks are doing it.  There's just one problem, I hit a show stopper.

ws2008 When looking at doing this, I decided to move my existing Windows Server 2008 install to a different hard drive.  The Windows Server 2008 Backup/Restore feature set makes this all too easy.  I did a backup to an external disk, then restored from the external disk to the newer, larger drive. 

If you've never used the Windows Vista Complete PC toolset, you should check it out.  The Backup/Restore process with Windows Server 2008 is very similar.  After the restore completed, I used DISKPART to extend and therefore grow the system partition to fill the drive.

Then I started installing and testing applications I need to run on Windows Server 2008.  Since this base image already had Office 2007, Camtasia 5, and some other core apps installed and working, I picked a different key application I need.  My first install and test was with Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition v8.0d.

One thing I dislike about Vegas... it forces you to activate and register the product before you can use it.  So I had to burn an activation.  I hate that, don't you?  Especially when you find out the application won't run.  A wasted activation.

But the good news is that I hit this show stopper quick.  Since I want that tool in my arsenal, it's back to Windows Vista I go.  This is perfectly fine with me.  I'll use Windows Server for server stuff, as intended.  I'm too busy to install a bunch of other apps to see what else doesn't work.

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  • Keith, can you provide a link for the "Windows Vista Complete PC toolset" you mentioned? I have done some searching, but cannot find it.



  • Keith,

    Not sure if this is the right place for my question...  

    Do you know if Sharepoint Services are built into or available for 2008 Server?  I get the impression it is, but can't find that statement on 2008 Server site.  

    Hopefully you can point me in the right direction.  thx


  • Sharepoint does not ship with Windows Server 2008.