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Don't let this happen to us

Don't let this happen to us

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I think Hugh sums it up nicely on his blog post at  Are all of the Web 2.0 things just huge time sucks?  It's funny, the day I create a twitter account is the day Hugh deletes his.  Coincidence?  I guess the real question I am confronted with is, can a tool like Twitter be an effective way to have a conversation with a lot of people or should it be totally informal conversation just between friends?

My peers think the IT Pros of the world won't use twitter.  If that's true, then I'll have to decide later what to do.  I know more than just "IT Pros" read this blog. 

But does twitter scale?  For instance, if I start a conversation about whether Microsoft should be designing, building and selling a Microsoft branded laptop, wouldn't it be better to have the comments logged in blog comments or in a forum?  I guess we are going to find out soon enough.  Should be fun.

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  • and yes according to the latest mac guy ad(on american idol last night) ms should be selling laptops!

  • I'm getting quite burned out on the whole "Web 2.0" experience. It's just devolved into the latest wasteland to stretch across the vastness of the internet. Everyone has at least two blogs and a MySpace page now it seems like. Problem is that when everyone has something it no longer has any special meaning. It becomes a mass consumption commodity, like milk. And no one, at least as far as I can see, is coming up with a way to reinvent the wheel when it comes to milk. You can imitate milk with soy beans, but you haven't come up with a whole new, *exciting* milk that, while it still has that "milk essence", is something completely different in nature.

    I don't know... maybe I'm just looking for something in life that's beyond the scope of what technology can provide. Technology is just a tool to do something with, after all. It's nothing more than a hammer, and I think most people feel that way. Yet, the movers and shakers in the tech industry keep trying to force normal people to "integrate" technology into their lives every time a line of code has been changed or the new dew-hicky has an extra whatchamullet. But why? There's no point!

    Honestly, I think all of the people who are chained to their iPhones should grab a roll of toilet paper, stop on the side of an isolated road somewhere, go up into the woods and just pinch a loaf, ya know? Or they should at least do something in life that's a little less tech-dependent. In fact, if they REALLY want to get tech-less, they should just forget about the toilet paper and wipe with the leaves.

    (yes... I realize this probably sounds typical from a Tennessean to all you non-Tennesseans)