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I'm a Twit

I'm a Twit

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Any of you on Twitter?  It's pretty interesting.  It's like instant messaging for voyeurs.  Be a lurker (follow).  Right now I'm such a newbie, that there isn't a lot of action for me.  I'm not quite sure who to follow so I just added a few of the folks I know. 

Robert Scoble got pounded today during the Olympic Torch fiasco in San Francisco.  He was complaining he couldn't keep up with all of the messages flying by.  It's no wonder, he follows nearly 20,000 people on twitter.  Imagine if half are commenting at the same time on the same event.  Whosh!!!

It brought back memories of the MVS JES2/3 HASP and VTAM consoles we had back in the early 80's.  In the early days, you could respond to events occurring in the system, but as the mainframes got faster and additional jobs were added, it became nearly impossible to see all of the messages flying by.

Anyway, it might be fun to get a bunch of you online.  Here's how:

  1. Go to and Join.
  2. Go to which is my Twitter site and click the Follow button.  Now you'll see all of my brilliant remarks.
  3. Go to and consider installing the Twirl client.  It's makes watching and participating in the active "tweets" a lot more fun.
  4. Checkout TinyTwitter at for your Windows Mobile phone.

[UPDATE for 5/2/2008]  I'm probably going to delete my twitter account.  I'm not seeing much value in the software.  If I didn't miss any tweets from my peeps it might be different.

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  • you must have way too much time on your hands.

  • Holy crap Keith,

    I haven't heard the word VTAM in so long - and HASP even longer! HASP, for me, isn't linked so much with work as it was linked into lyrics during long, drunken song choruses at SHARE conferences in the early 80's.

    You're older than you look :). And could you possibly imagine back then, that you'd be blogging (what's that?) over RSS (huh?) about microblogging? I can't even begin to imagine how we'll communicate, and what we'll talk about, in the next 20 years.

    - Sean

  • Gary,

    Yea, I'm actually worried about that a bit.  I plan to manage my time for this carefully.  But I thought I would give it a try.

    If it turns into a time suck, but is actually useful, then something else will have to go.  I have places I can make cuts.

    Email for one...  :)



  • Sean,

    I was working in a datacenter when I was 15.  My Dad worked for IBM so I worked weekends and summers as a "tape ape." My first "personal computer" was an IBM 3083 mainframe.

    You haven't lived unless you've played Star Trek on TSO/ISPF.

    Those were the days...