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Last blog post – I’m headed to Apple

Last blog post – I’m headed to Apple

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Remember that Windows Vista SP1 blog post about “I have your back!” ???  Well, apparently nobody had mine so my last day with Microsoft will be April 11, 2008.  I probably won’t post many more blogs posts here.  The empire is obviously nervous about anything I do so I’ll be nice until then.  Until then…

apple What about after?

Well, that’s a different story.  I am taking a couple of weeks vacation after that, then I start work for Apple.  Yep, you read that correctly.  My role will be very similar to the one I have now, except I get to evangelize all things Apple.  They want me to focus on OS X integration with AD, cross platform identity management, desktop management, security, etc.  In short, stuff right up my alley.

What about blogging as Apple?

I wrote that into my employment agreement.  Yep, Steve had to sign off on it.  I’ll be blogging, screencasting, webcasting, doing live events and stirring up the usual amount of trouble. 

And the good news is that I won’t have to move to Cupertino.  I’ll obviously be spending a lot of time there especially to begin with, but I don’t have to pick up and move my family, have my wife sell off her business, etc.

So, it’s been a wonderful 12 years at Microsoft, but it’s time for a change.  Before I’m really gone I hope to have a new email address, blog domain and other contact information worked out.  If not, just keep and eye out for  It’s coming.  Finally.


Do you really think I would switch?  Come on, even I’m not that evil.

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  • Dang, Keith, we sure are gonna miss...hey wait a minute, what day is it?

  • And another one gone, and another one gone... another one bites the App(le).

    Personally, I'm dipping more than just my toes into the murky waters of Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS. I will be a complete Linux user long before service for XP is discontinued.

  • wow... oh never mind... you almost got me!

  • Well, I certainly hope this is April fool joke.

    I enjoyed your blogs and screencasts, so I'm sure you'll continue the trend... any way, best of luck.

  • OK, so this is a REALLY bad day to be making posts like this.

    Either this is serious, which is a sad day for Microsoft, or you don't know the rule that pulling April Fools pranks after lunchtime is a no-no and shows you as the fool.

    So fess up. Is Microsoft the fool, or are you the April fool?

  • Sorry to see you go to the other side of the street. You will be missed here. But I am happy for you that you will be involved with another great American company doing what you enjoy best.

    Best of luck in your new job. 8<

  • Good I need an Iphone that runs my new google apps.

  • I'm the new Mac guy.  Be scared... very scared... LOL.

    Ok, back to business.  I am will have some new screencasts coming online very soon.  RSAT is next.  SCVMM v.NEXT is likely next after that.  

    Night !

  • You know what? You stink, man. You stink. April 1st is officially the most annoying day of the whole freaking year.

  • Keith, you got me! Now, stop it!

  • Hilarious!  Why do I always fall for these things? :P

    Very, very looking forward to your SCVMM v.NEXT screencast!!

  • BTW, I'm still going to become a dedicated Linux user and M$'s worst nightmare... so stick that in yer pipe and smoke it. :p

    Nya nya nya nya nyaaaaaa

  • ha ha ha...  Man you had me going there.  

    Although, the position with Apple you described seems pretty nice.  Imagine all the cool toys you could get working with them...

    And you could finally laugh at all those funny..ahem, annoying Apple commercials without feeling guilty.

  • Glad I bothered to check back!!!!

    Just couldn't believe the stuff!

  • OK.. you got me good.   I've thought ever since you made this post that you were leaving.  I just now started to wonder why you weren't gone yet.  HaHa on me.