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VMRCPlus goes public - download now

VMRCPlus goes public - download now

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For those of you running Microsoft Virtual Server, we have a new treat in store for you.  Originally developed by Paul Despe then enhanced by Matthijs ten Seldam, VMRCPlus is a new VM client display and management tool.  This tool will be available shortly on the Microsoft download center, TechNet online download centers, and in the companion disk of a new book written by Robert Larson & Janique Carbone.  As with most if not all of our resource kit type tools, there is no support for the tool.  However, here's a list of the goodies in the tool in case you are brave enough:

    • Direct control of local or remote instances of the Virtual Server service. IIS and IE browser are no longer required!
    • Tabbed interface to quickly jump between Virtual Server hosts and guest VMRC sessions.
    • Reusable saved states: this feature allows users to preserve a particular saved state and return to that state at any time.
    • Multiple guest selection supported for startup/shutdown/save/display.
    • Browse button navigation for media, hard disk images, ISO images, .VMC files, etc.
    • Drag and Drop support for .VMC files, ISOs images, VHD and VFD files.
    • Resizable desktop support for guests running Virtual Machine Additions (maximize VMRC window supported).
    • Limited cut and paste of text from host to guest (only).
    • A built-in utility to take JPG screenshots of running guests. Useful when filing bugs.
    • Built-in error notification with Virtual Server eventlog viewer.
    • A Virtual Networks Manager and Virtual Disks Manager that cover all features.
    • Keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl-S to save state a guest).
    • Create multiple guests at once.
    • Create guest from parent (or multiple guests)!
    • Automatic reconnect to a designated Virtual Server host.
    • Toolbars in both Guest and Console Manager for quick access.
    • Unlimited number of guests.
    • Maximum of 32 Virtual Server hosts.
    • Sorting on columns of guests so you can sort based on status and multi-select.
    • Automatic detection of Virtual Machine Additions and notification.
    • Detection of Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1.

Download @

[UPDATE 1]  The download link has been updated on 7/2/2007 to point to the official location on the download center as promised.  Matthijs also has a blog now for questions.  Enjoy.

[Update 2]  In reference to the questions about the security model, see the post at  It probably isn't what you want to hear, but there you have it.

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