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Early bird gets the RC2 worm...

Early bird gets the RC2 worm...

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Microsoft has these kewl time off days called floating holidays.  You get two each year to use as religious holidays, unwind, whatever.  I took mine the past couple of days to get caught up on sleep, do some honey dues, run errands, etc.  In short, it's a holiday from email.  You know, the ole electronic ball and chain?  

I haven't been paying real close attention to the daily build traffic on Windows Vista. But, after grilling up some brats, sauerkraut, and polishing off a couple of Leffe Blondes, I decided to peek into the Windows Vista folder I have.  I am on the busiest distribution group known to man and the Windows Vista DL averages over 500 email messages per day.  That's a lot of conversation topics dude.

However, it became pretty obvious really quick that we had released Windows Vista RC2 internally and that it would be available to the rest of the world very soon.

Sure enough, you can go to and fire up the old fiber connection and get to downloading.  Now normally, I'd establish a VPN connection and pull it off the daily build server, but this time, I decided to compete with the rest of the world for .iso image.

Where the hell is everyone?  Everyone must be sleeping because I am getting almost 2meg per second download speeds. In fact, it looks like I'm going to set a new download speed record.  It appears I'll have pulled the entire 2.49GB .iso image using the Akamai download manager in about 27 minutes.  WOW!!!  FIOS ROCKS!!!

So I wanted to thank everyone for going to bed early tonight.  Got my RC2 worm in record time thank you very much.

[UPDATE]  I posted this at about 1:30am but some interesting time issues surfaced.  We are currently investigating those.

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  • That really bums me out... not Vista but your connection.. I shell out somewhere north of $1000 a month for 3 T1's yet only manage about 1/10th the bandwidth you have at home!! I'm seriously going to have a talk with my provider when our contract comes up soon...

  • Yea, sorry.  It was a welcome change from the usual 200-300k throughput across VPN. Pulling stuff down between 1-2meg is simply kewl so I got excited. :)

  • Hmm the link above re-directs me to where its only RC1.

    But hey thats okay I am so happy with RC1 that I can skip RC2 and wait for the official release.

    Thx for a good product ;-)

  • I had a few issues with RC1.  Namely, whenever I would do a shutdown I'd get a BSOD then it would restart.  I'd have to sit there and wait for the blue screen to finish and then hit the power button.  No big deal really.  I wiped my machine for RC2 instead of doing the upgrade and it's much more stable now.  Question Keith..  I pulled RC2 down from Technet.  Will that expire?

  • Yes, RC2 will expire.  Run the winver program and you'll see the precise date of expiration.  My machine expires 5/31/2007 which I assume is the date for everyone else.