Ok, you guys should know better than to think just because my last blog post just happened to coincide with my arrival back home, a new Xbox360, and three weeks of vacation that it was the reason, right?

Well, during the last three weeks of December I was on holiday, but I actually didn’t play much Xbox360.  I had far too many honey dues, and new baby in the family to see, wires to run, etc. etc. See for yourself...

Of course immediately after digging out from my email the first week of January, I fly off to Seattle for two weeks of training.  The first week is well documented since many people have already blogged about the events of TechReady2.  Harold Wong and I got a chance to “Proctor” the Exchange (E12) Installation, Scripting and Administration hands on labs.  Monad rocks.  You won’t believe what you can do with a few lines of code.

This past week, I’ve been in training on the next version of Exchange.  I could tell you a bunch of stuff, but I’m sworn to secrecy.  Don’t worry, as the Exchange team allows, Harold and I will be posting some kewl podcast, screencast and informative blog posts. 

So what am I planning next?  How about a Windows Vista Imaging course using the new Ximage, Sysprep and WAIK tools? 

No?  How about a refresh on my High Definition adventures?

No?  How about some Xbox360 stuff?

Well, all of the above is coming.  It’s 2006.  Back to work dude!!!