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June, 2005

  • Got SQL 2005?

    SQL_05Normally I don’t repost stuff that is available from, but this is just too juicy to resist.  For months now it’s been fairly difficult to get your hands on the new version of SQL Server.  Usually Beta code is pretty easy to get.  Sure, you could download SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 Express Edition, but what about all of the other editions?

    Well, the good news is that we’ve made all of the editions available for download.  See  The new editions are feature complete Community Technology Previews meaning they are still pre-release code.  Not only can you get the various editions (Express, Workgroup, Developer, Standard, Enterprise), but you can also get the 32 and 64bit versions.  OMG!!!  If you are trying to figure out what the differences are between editions, see for the table(s) of the features.

    The SQL Server 2005 June CTP is very kewl.  My team is still using Beta 2 for our content but we end our seminars on that version in two weeks.  We’ll be back next quarter with the June CTP build or later, then it’s only a matter of time before we are running the released bits.  Anyone know when that is?  If you were poking around on some of the links above, you’d see we’ve announced the launch date (HINT).

    Does the SQL dude above look like Robert Downey Jr. or what?

  • The Horrors Of Teens And Their Blogs

    Last week, I started researching teen blogs.  I figured I’m pretty tough skinned and could handle anything I find my children doing.  However, I stumbled across something even more horrifying…  As it turns out, I found out my dog Elvis has been sneaking around and has setup his own blog.  Needless to say, I was shocked!!!  I mean come on, who would care about a dog and his blog?  As it turns out, a lot of people.  Oh, and for all you cat lovers, those sneaky little feline critters have blogs, too.