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December, 2004

  • The Halo2 Chicken Award

    I’m sure many of you have played in some hilarious games, but last night took the cake for me.

    We started a Team Slayer game.  I spawned on the Zanzibar beach.  Two of my team quit immediately and since one was host, the lovely blue screen host reelection process started.  While waiting, I formulated a plan.  Before I could jump in the ghost, my other partner quit.  Reelection process again.  Now I know I am all by myself against four other people.  Time to implement survival skills… J

    So when the game finally comes back, I jump in the ghost and go swimming.   I go to the furthest point in the water by the rocks (as you face the water all the way to the left).  I wait…  I wait some more…

    After 5 minutes, my victim comes by and I take him out with a grenade and my SMG.  Now his team knows where I’m at.  So I run to the rocks closest to the arch in the sea wall.  They all run past me with the plasma sword, rockets, etc.  They are looking for an easy kill and win.

    Instead, I slip through the arch off radar and run up hill to the base then run to the far corner on the left (facing the base) and hide behind the rocks.

    My opponent(s) run all over the map looking for me.  I can just imagine the cuss words.  I’m sure they looked all over the top of the rocks by the water.  They ran into the base a few times thinking I’m hiding there.  I’m watching and just laughing as I sip some Wild Turkey.  How ironic.

    Another seven minutes goes by and the clock runs out…  J

    I WIN!!!

    Everyone was rolling on the floor.  Too funny!!!

    1 vs. 4 win without cheating.  Priceless!!!

  • The Giant Orange Spool!!!

    Why would anyone get excited about a giant orange spool?  Because that spool is a spool of fiber optic cable getting ready to be buried up and down my street!


    Verizon is rolling out fiber optic internet services for select areas across the United States.  Keller, Texas was the first city in the US to get the offering.  Verizon is now expanding around Keller and since I live on the Keller border, they are laying the groundwork now.


    The Verizon packages are as follows:


    Maximum Connection Speed

    Installation Charge

    Monthly Fee

    Up to 5 Mbps/2 Mbps*



    Up to 15 Mbps/2 Mbps*



    Up to 30 Mbps/5 Mbps*




    As you can see, the FIOS service is nicely priced and will certainly have plenty of bandwidth for my needs.  I can’t wait to test the 2meg upstream bandwidth with Xbox Live... J


    See all of the details on this service at