So, it has been a really long time since I have blogged on my site.  Many of you may have wondered where I went.  I am still here and still passionate about delivering technical information to you.  That being said, there has been a lot of buzz recently about Hyper-V™, and perhaps that buzz raised the same interest for you as it did for us. More specifically, you may have asked yourself questions, such as:

"Is Hyper-V up to the task of production server virtualization?"

"Does Hyper-V have the stability and performance required to meet our needs?" Operations (MSCOM Ops) already had designs about how Hyper-V would reshape our lab operations, but we were really interested in how it might transform our production hosting of high visibility Web sites that service from tens of millions to several billion requests per day.

If you were at MMS 2008 and heard Bob Muglia’s Keynote, you already know that (MSDN) and (TechNet) have been successfully running on Hyper-V. Specifically, we migrated MSDN March 31 2008, and then followed up with TechNet April 18 2008. Microsoft plans to share further details about testing and deployments as we virtualize other high scale sites (such as and smaller sites, by leveraging the consolidation benefits of virtualization.

Hyper-V is installed as a Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2008 role. For more information about Hyper-V, see Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Product Overview – An Early look and the Hyper-V Team Blog.