I finally did it!!

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Well I finally created my blog.  I have been promising several people for a very long time that I would do this...especially since I wanted to post my monthly newsletters so that those of you attenting TechNet sessions have my version of supplemental reading.  I have to wonder though, what makes blogs so successful?  Why do so many people read and post to blogs?  This is really new to me so the first thing I want to do is to post some data from the february edition of the Kelley's Update newsletter...then we will see where it leads us.  

One of the topics that we are covering this month is Migrating Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange Server 2003 so with that in mind, I have a few links you might want to check out






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  • Welcome!

  • Boy! You have done a good job for a start. I would like to see your whole news letter in the blog each month. Keep up the excellent job. I usually don't like blogs - usually someone bitching about an irrelivent subject that only they care about. Yours is very relevent. Thanks!

  • Kelley,

    Ditto what Greg said; I'd love to see your whole newsletter in your blog. We've added a link to your blog on our RSS Feeds link at

    Thanks for all you do to support the local user groups.

  • Kelley,

    Looks great. Good job.


  • I think that blogging your newsletter is great! Good for you! You can put all that work in essentially one place.

    It's a good use for a blog (as opposed to some that just turn into a detailed seinfieldesque diary). I think it'd be great if you could archive past newsletters. It's also a good place for stuff you find out or think of between newsletters. No matter how you cut it, it's good to see you out there (since my region is no longer being graced by your presense). Thanks for the effort you put into informing the masses, be it in person or in text. You rock.