We have just launched a new digital series called “From Inside the Cloud” – for Office 365 that features the authentic perspectives of the engineers and people running and managing the service and proactively addresses the top questions of this audience around trust related topics of: security, privacy compliance and transparent operations.

The series is targeted at Chief Security and Compliance officers and CIOs.


The first few topics published addressed are:

Other topics coming up soon are:

  • Who has access to your data? Perry Clarke and Vivek Sharma (May 26th)
  • How do we continuously meet your compliance needs? Shawn Veney (June 9th)

Topics on the horizon include:

  • What does it mean to own your data? Kamal Janardhan
  • How do we monitor, detect and inspect anomalies in the Office 365 Service? Matt Swann
  • How is your data protected transit? Asaf Kashi

You can follow new topics on the From Inside the Cloud Blog and be sure to check out the Office 365 Trust Center www.trust.office365.com