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  • Blog Post: The 20/20 program

    As I mentioned, I just started the 20/20 program at the proclub. As part of getting ready for starting the program, I went through an exam which told me such lovely statistics as my weight (eh), body fat percentage (whooo boy), flexibility (poor), strength (ditto), and all around physical health (not...
  • Blog Post: The science of weight loss

    I just ran across this interesting source of information on the physiological mechanisms of how the human body processes & burns calories. It's well balanced in its approach, continually emphasizes the basics rather than the fads (”Burn more than you intake” - crazy, I know), and also goes into more...
  • Blog Post: Running

    I just joined the 20/20 program at the proclub in order to get myself into shape, and as part of my workouts I've taken up running which - shockingly - I am enjoying . I still suck at it and can't run for long at a time but after two weeks I can tell I'm already getting better, and boy is it great exercise...